Scotch Pine -



         We have cut your own  Scotch Pine (no precuts) priced at $25 (includes sales tax), includes shaking and baling. We are eliminating our inventory of cut your own Scotch Pine and have a very limited supply to cut. These are full trees with 1-1/2"-3" needles sheared to form a dense, conical shape. The needles have blue-green to green color and have needles in bundles of two.

 All Scotch Pine are $25


Balsam Fir 

      The precuts  in our retail lot are available on a limited supply up to 10' tall and available to preorder up to 14'+ in September, precut trees are priced according to height. Our cut your own selection is limited  with any size priced at $35 (includes sales tax) including shaking and baling.The Balsam Fir is a Wisconsin native with short 3/4" - 1-1/2" flat needles. With beautiful green color and it's fragrant, fresh-cut aroma makes it one of the most desirable trees.



Canaan Fir 

       The Canaan Fir is a newer variety that is becoming a very popular choice as a Christmas Tree. Canaan Fir has a firm branch with soft short needles with characteristics similar to both Balsam and Fraser Fir. We've planted , but not available to cut, give us 3-4 years and you will see some beautiful trees.




Fraser Fir - 

     We have Fraser Fir available as a precut displayed on our retail lot up to 10' tall. We can supply trees up to 14'+ with pre-ordering required, call for details and availability. The Fraser Fir is becoming the most sought after tree of choice. The needles are short,3/8"-1-1/4" are dark green with a silvery underside of the needle.




 Cinco tree stands

                Cinco stands are designed to hold trees up to 12'tall (larger if attached to plywood using reinforced holes at outer edges of stand) and 8"diameter trunks. The low-wide reservoir accommodates low branches and holds 3 full gallons of water to keep trees fresh and safe. Spill guard prevents over-filling mishaps. 6.8 pounds of virgin, high-impact polypropylene make up the stand body to assure durability and reliability. (In most cases, this is twice the amount our competitors will use.) Steel spikes in center of reservoir anchor tree, preventing shifting and making set-up a snap. Speaking of easy, in 2007 we introduced the revolutionary Express bolt system. A push-pull ratchet mechanism (US and foreign patents pending) makes set-up and take-down easier than ever. Plastic handles and steel end-caps round off the package. 10 Year Warranty. Dim.= 24"x24"x9.5"


Our wreath selection diameter sizes are 18", 24", 36" and 48" decorated with pine cones, red/white berries and red bow, larger sizes are available with pre ordering required



SNOWKIST TREES wreaths offering a warm, festive welcome to visitors at the Delafield Hotel